Don't Get Burned!

About 90% of the people that come to me have been through at least 2 developers trying to get their project completed.

That's an expensive process, usually eating up months or years (yes, I've seen it) and thousands of dollars, particularly when one ends up with nothing to show for it and has to go back to square one.

What would your project cost you if it ended up taking two to three times longer than you were told and ended up costing more than double or triple what you expected?

You might think that when hiring a web developer, you can be sure that that person will at least complete your project. Experience shows that that is not the case in a majority of situations!


Thanks for your insight, John. I appreciate it. I looked at your website and shook my head because I had the exact same experience as some of your clients. I contracted with a company out of Florida to better integrate the calendar with the search function. They charged me $2000 and it never worked any better. I did get $1000 of it back (because I used my American Express card to pay for it and challenged the charge), but it was maddening and frustrating and left a very bad taste in my mouth. It also scared me because it was all done over the phone or online and I didn't really know with whom I was dealing.

Note: This person did end up hiring me to handle her project.


I have never flaked out on, or "burned", a client and offer a money back guarantee on the work I do. Ask me for the details.

Here's a typical conversation with a prospective client about building an eCommerce site:

Me: "If this is going to be an important part of your daily business functioning, I advise you not to waste your time with bids that low. I have nine years of experience and am charging what I'm charging from experience of what it takes to do reliable, high quality work."

Client: "I know exactly what you are saying, had 2 companies that flaked out.... I wish I'd have more trust in people but I constantly get burned in this web building business."

Edit: This client came back to me after being burned by a third developer! Here's what happened. He hired someone in India to do the job for about a third of what I had quoted the job. The developer built the site for him and then started using the site to steal money from this client. The developer was having income generated from the site put into his own paypal account.

Don't put yourself in this situation!

Call me (John Nicoll) now at 720-739-0261 and I'll explain how I can take the risk out of your project.



"iPad version looks great, too. I like what you did with the pay by phone box & tabs for monthly & daily. Awesome! I stressed 0% on this project."
Richmond, VA
David S
"Out of all the developers I worked with, you were the only one who could get the job done!"
Denver, CO
Aja D
"When you adjusted the account, we really noticed it! It was all I could do to keep up with processing invoices."
Denver, CO
Janet A
"I love the site and thank you for adding in detail information that is needed without additional prompts from me. I'm so pleased, it moves me forward considerably. You did this really well. It's been a real pleasure working with you John. "
Boulder, CO
Laraine P

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