In order to work with your Google Adwords, I'll need access to both your:

  • Google Adwords Account
  • Google Analytics Account

Please follow the instructions below to add the email address I provided to both accounts.


Google Adwords

To give access to your Adwords account:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the My account tab.
  3. Select Account access from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Invite other users.
  5. Enter the email address that I have provided you with.
  6. Enter a nickname for your new user (i.e. John Nicoll). AdWords keeps track of who makes changes to an AdWords account and will use this nickname to identify who made which changes.
  7. From the Choose an access level drop-down menu, select "Administrative Access".
  8. Click Send invitation.
  9. After I accept your invitation, I will notify you.
  10. Find the new account in the "Pending invitations" section, then click Grant access.
  11. Click OK to confirm and allow access.


Well done! Next....


Google Analytics

To add an account administrator:

  1. Click the Admin tab at the top right of any page in Analytics.
  2. Click the account to which you want to add an administrator.
  3. Click the Users tab.
  4. Click + New User.
  5. Enter the email address that I have provided.
  6. Select Administrator below the email address field.
  7. Click Create User to create the new user.


Great Job! Now that you've completed these steps, have you linked your adwords and analytics accounts?

If not, click here for instructions ยป

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