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Search Engine Optimization & Analytics


It Doesn't Have to Be Complicated!

The internet is uniquely poweful in that there is so much information available about the way people interact with your business on the web. All that information can be overwhelming however and requires a trained eye to quickly and efficiently make sense of what's happening. Successful Website Design & Marketing specializes in providing this service to your business. There are several things to watch for in monitoring a site's performance:


Sales Funnel Health

It's important to be able to tell at a glance whether or not established sales funnels are functioning properly. Did Facebook just make a software change this morning that broke your checkout process? Eventually, you'll probably find out from your customers, but wouldn't you rather get an email explaining the issue and that we are already working to fix it and bring the sales funnel back up?


Web Traffic

Where is it coming from? Which of your advertising campaigns are performing the best? Who's linking to your site and why? What pages are getting the most views and how can that information be used to increase sales?



Conversion Data

sales conversion data

Conversion data is the ability to track sales from start to finish. What is really creating your sales? This understanding integrates with, but differs slightly from, monitoring sales funnels. Conversion data tells us how all the different aspects of your online and offline presence are coming together to create your online sales conversions.


The Payoff

The end result of the data analysis of what's happening on your site is simple:

  • more sales
  • clarity (eliminate the vagueness from your business!)
  • less work for you via a better understanding of where your time in most effectively spent in your business to create sales


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