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Client shown above reported an increase in sales of 435%
after this custom WordPress redesign!

"Also, wanted to let you know we are getting rave reviews on our website. We actually had one of our competitors reach out to us this week to let us know how nice our site is. We have actually had to turn the ads off because of the business coming in. Even though the ads are off, we are still trending upward with sales. We are in the process of bringing on a contractor in the next week. Thanks so much for all of your help!!" ~ S. Kilkenny

What's Under The Hood of Your WordPress Website Design?

John Nicoll WordPress DesignerIf you a need a website that looks great but does little else, then I am not the WordPress designer for you!

All the time, I talk to clients who have burned through thousands of dollars and ended up with a WordPress site that is worthless. I can help you avoid this same fate. I take pleasure in designing WordPress sites that create exceptional user experience and that drive growth for your business. With over a decade of experience, I will save you a lot of time, money, and energy by building or overhauling your site with a level of competency and awareness that most designers and developers simply don't have.

I'm interested in creating lasting relationships. When it comes to your WordPress template design, SEO questions, plugin issues, or other website maintenance, creating a positive experience for you is my top priority.


The case study below shows a 435% increase in the monthly sales average for this WordPress client in 2013. As a WordPress designer, the best service I can provide is to build you a site that performs. I build new WordPress sites, WordPress eCommerce sites, and improve the design and performance of your existing site.

"iPad version looks great, too. I like what you did with the pay by phone box & tabs for monthly & daily. Awesome! I stressed 0% on this project."
Richmond, VA
David S
"Out of all the developers I worked with, you were the only one who could get the job done!"
Denver, CO
Aja D
"When you adjusted the account, we really noticed it! It was all I could do to keep up with processing invoices."
Denver, CO
Janet A
"I love the site and thank you for adding in detail information that is needed without additional prompts from me. I'm so pleased, it moves me forward considerably. You did this really well. It's been a real pleasure working with you John. "
Boulder, CO
Laraine P

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Efficient SEO Coding

From over 10 years of experience, I've learned how to build sites that are SEO efficient - making them perform well both in organic search results as well as in search engine marketing.

Attractive Pricing

As a freelance web designer, I can create a professional site that looks great and performs well for a reasonable fee.

Branding And Custom Design

I offer a full set of design services to give your business website the ability to speak effectively to your customers.

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Case Study: WordPress Website Redesign

Result: $60K increase in sales in one year!

Project Start


The client came to me having spent $850 to have a Wordpress site built for their new business. The site had been up for about 5 months and they were looking to increase sales. They agreed to a site audit and asked me to manage their Google Adwords & Bing Adcenter campaigns as well.

"I'm happy to report that so far we're on track to triple our average sales...all thanks to you. Thank you so very much. We're actually going to start interviewing contractors to help ease the work load."
Charlottesville, VA
Kester K

Phase 1


Increase in Monthly Sales Average:

ROI: 435% over 7 months

With some modifications to the WordPress website design and content as well as the PPC campaigns, I received the following message from the client within one week:

"We have already noticed an uptick in orders over the last week. We are getting more customer orders that have not reached out to us to request more information!! We are very pleased."

Sales more than doubled over the next 7 months at which time they came back and asked me to completely redesign the website.

Phase 2


Increase in Monthly Sales Average:

After a full site overhaul that included a new, mobile device responsive template, the response has been positive with the highest sales numbers yet for this business.

Update: Client reported a 435% increase in monthly sales over 12 months!

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"Thanks John. It was indeed a pleasure working with you. You do outstanding work and are very professional."