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Web Platform Development

Four Year Project: LocalShare

LocalShare LogoLocalShare was a social network site developed from the ground up. The idea was to create a cross between Facebook, Craigslist & Google which would allow community members in a geographic area to improve their social fabric by sharing, bartering, and selling goods and services, being able to shop local, and by supporting local food webs.

The challenge was to develop, make visible, and pomote the adoption of a coherent value set which facilitated the economic identity and resilience of local communities.

The site featured the ability to post and browse items and services for share, barter and sale. Members could easily locate others in their neighborhoods and towns. The site featured instant chat and instant search results as the user typed. There was also a system whereby members could choose to receive a daily digest of newly posted site content.

I developed LocalShare from its original concept into a $1.2M company - including forming of a Delaware C corporation, raising funding ($200K), and the entire platform development.



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