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Two Year Project: The Yellow Courtyard

Multidisciplinary MedicineWhen I worked with the Yellow Courtyard (2005-2007), the company was in its startup phase and needed to create its visual identity for a multidisciplinary health care delivery system. Furthermore, the Yellow Courtyard was to be one of many "Courtyards" within a parent organization called the Alchemical Courtyard.

The challenge was to work closely with the client to develop a visual presentation that they felt spoke to the heart and essence of their progressive organization. During the first two years, most of the design work was B2B oriented in that they were establishing an identity for themselves and working to bring practitioners into their network. All design work was created from scratch and included everything from visual identity to website and software design to promotional materials such as mouse pads, frisbees and water bottles. Office sets, faxes, and investment support materials were also created for the client.

I'm happy that all the design work still looks fresh and relevant over a decade later.


What Has Changed Since Then?

Software Development

Since this project, content management (CMS) systems have developed considerably, making web site software less expensive and simpler to develop and manage.

Integrated Understanding

After working on this project, I went on to create my own social media start-up (raising $200K) and became very well versed in fundraising, business organization, and entrepreneurial thinking. This stage was followed by a digestion of online marketing. The result? An integrated understanding of all parts of a company's online presence, from business concept and fundraising to financial modeling, sales funnel design, visual identity development, marketing strategy development, advertising management and implementation and performance measurement and maintenance through online analytics tools.

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