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Featured Project: Increasing Visitor Engagement

Julie M"Is your company name on our new website as designer? Make sure you put it somewhere so people know who did this for us. Thank you so much. I'm thrilled with the results."
Julie M.

lowered bounce rate for Arizona wordpress website redesign

In the graph above, you can see that visitor engagement on this site increased markedly after the site overhaul. Here's what the site looks like now. Scroll down to see what it looked like before the overhaul!

Arizona WordPress Website Redesign


Mobile Search Before & After:

A major goal in this project was to improve the rental booking and search function on the site. You can see in the examples below where the client was unhappy with the limited search options available on mobile devices. The business was getting calls that people were having trouble using the site. In the new design (right), site visitors have extensive options to refine their rental search.


Arizona wordpress website design overhaul beforeArizona wordpress website redesign overhaul mobile after



Old Design

This is what the site used to look like.

Arizona wordpress website design overhaul before